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European Agricultural Fund for rural development: Europe invests in rural areas



Transnational Cooperation Project

Progeject code:


Lead LAG: LAG Patavino

LAGs Partner: LAG PatavinoLAG Bassa PadovanaLAG Pianura VeroneseLAG Terra BericaLAG Montagna VicentinaLAG Antico DogadoLAG Pohjois Satalunta 

Overall public contribution: € 1,198,926.92

Grant requested from LAG Patavino: € 237,901.92 

General Project Objective:

The main aim of Rural Emotion Project is tourism development in smaller towns, decongesting art cities and widening the scene, in order to allow a better understanding of the cultural context of rural areas and smaller towns, often described by the words of artists that were either born and raised in such a context or that at least spent sometimes there. 

The idea is to create cultural trips, either as part of a network of routes of slow mobility or as possible holiday destinations of their own. These cultural trips should follow a route running through the rural areas which important artists talked about in their writings or depicted in their paintings. 

This project could set the opportunity to build a “bridge” between the territories which joined the project because of facts, people, real and shared values and the territorial suitors who will be involved in the offer. 

The general purpose is to promote for each area taking part in the project a series of routes/cultural destinations which are bound to become, once put in a network, a “history of territorial discovery”. 

Value added of this project is the interconnection of each territory with one another through innovative communication tools, creating a network which will enrich the touristic and cultural offer as well as making it more accessible and inviting. The actions planned are consistent with the main goals of the rural development policy 2007-2013, e.g. the improvement of the quality of life in rural areas and the valorisation of the rural space and territory.




 1) Informative Activity

Carrying out of informative activities in order to create:

- a network of operators of tourism offer that will constitute and be part of the cultural route (receptive structures, museums, cultural associations, public establishments, restaurants, farm holidays, etc.);

- develop and set up a series of minimum standard requirements for the adhesion of different operators to the project;

- strengthen their preparation and connection to the cultural route, in order to improve the offer of the territory.

Implementation procedures: Public Notice

Implementing Applicant: Training Institution

Addressees: the LAG Partner territorial operators.

2. Implementing innovative communication tools: comics

The aim of the REM Project is to promote, under the perspective of sustainable tourism, destinations and cultural routes of the target territories participating to the project. The communication strategy used to reach such aim is based on the creation and promotion of the comics “In the Lands of LAGs: the adventures of the fearless Almorò, between history and culture”. A comic story has been created for each Veneto partner territory, linked to its own cultural route and to the most representative historical characters (poets, architects, etc.). Each story ends with a mystery that can be solved only by reading the story which takes place in the neighbouring territory. The protagonist of the comics, found through a joint research (“Rural Emotion Comics Contest”), becomes the central thread helping the reader meet the famous characters and see the destinations of the partner territories, thus creating a story for each one of them. The invented story has been, in its turn, the virtual motor of a series of actual initiatives.

Implementation procedures: Directed managed by the LAG

Implementing Applicant: LAG Patavino

Addressees:citizen and tourists

3. Setting of Reception Areas

In this phase "Mystery Corners", areas for the reception and multimedia information, are set up. They will be related to the proposed cultural route and they will provide exhaustive information for the visitors (interesting places, accommodation, restaurants, museums, etc.). In these areas citizens and tourists will be able to find everything they need to enjoy the territory at best, comics included.

Implementation procedures: Directed by the LAG

Implementing Applicant: Municipalites

Addressees: citizens and tourists

4.Planning, implementation and promotion of touristic packages

Tourist packages will be created for the purpose and sold together with already existing offers and the LAG partner cultural routes. Information will be given about the opportunities offered y rural cultural tourism, considering the whole supply of cultural routes (food and wine, accommodation, etc.). Among the actions of diffusion and promotion of the tourism offer, we will participate to the Veneto Rural Tourism Expo. The Forum will consist in several activities, ranging from the organisation of business meeting between touristic operators.

Implementation procedures: Directed by the LAG

Implementing Applicant: Union of Touristic Promotion of Padua

Addressees: financial territorial operators, citizens, tourists.

5. Promotion and tourism offer

The promotion of the selected cultural route and of the related rural tourism offer will be reinforced by different tools, ranging from the most traditional ones (participations to national and international fairs, the shooting of a documentary on the cultural route) to the most innovative ones ( Geocaching).  Geocaching is a treasure hunt consisting of seeking, with a GPS, hidden containers in the most beautiful places of the cultural routes. The “hunter”, once found the container, shares the experience online on the web and on the social media, promoting the territory. In this phase the comic stories and the documentary will be spread through newspapers and journals.

Watch the video

Watch the geocaching itinerary

Implementation procedures: Directed by the LAG

Implementing Applicant: Provincial of Padua

Addressees: citizens, tourists.



Notice of approval project : DGR N. 21 del 15.06.2012

Managing Authority: Veneto Region – PSR Veneto Managing Authority 2007/2013

Complete denomination: Direzione Piani e Programmi del Settore Primario

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